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Recent WJLGS Issues

  • Volume XXXV, No. 1 – Spring 2020

    Articles: "The Politics of Legal Challenges to Pornography: A Comparative Analysis" by Max Waltman and "How the United States Uses Foreign Policy to Control and Adversely Impact Foreign Women" by by Liam Pisan. Comments: "“Free the Nipple” One Broadcast at a Time: FCC Indecency Regulations of Nudity" by Michaela Mullis & Jasmin McNealy and "Sexual Harassment and Wisconsin's Professional Rules of Responsibility" by Kathryn Potratz.

  • Volume XXXIV, No. 2 – Fall 2019

    Special Symposium Issue: "Talking About Black Lives Matter and #MeToo" by Linda S. Greene, Lolita Buckner, Inniss, and Bridget J. Crawford with Mehrsa Baradaran, Noa Ben-Asher, I. Bennett Capers, Osamudia R. James, and Keisha Lindsay. Articles also include "Restructuring U.S. Military Justice through a Comparative Analysis of Israel Defense Forces" by Emily Hazen and "Sexual Harassment in the Shadow of Mandatory Arbitration" by Alyssa Schaefer. Comments includes "Babies Behind Bars: How Prison Nurseries Protect the Constitutional Right to be a Parent in Wisconsin" by Sophia Dolan.

  • Volume XXXIV, No. 1 – Spring 2019

    Articles include "White Boy Wasted: Race, Sex, and Alcohol Use in Fraternity Hazing" by Gregory S. Parks and Sabrina Parisi, "What About Bob? The Continuing Problem of Federally-Subsidized LGB Discrimination in Higher Education" by Dyllan Moreno Taxman, "Protecting Planned Parenthood: Is Planned Parenthood Funding a Justiciable Right Under the Medicaid Freedom-of-Choice Provision?" by Allison Gilley and "Rape, Resign, Repeat: How the Deliberate Indifference Standard Denies Redress to Detainees Raped by Corrections Officials" by Melissa Stein.

  • Volume XXXIII, No. 1 – Spring 2018

    Articles include "Judicial Ecology Reconciling a Normative Critique of Hively V. Ivy Tech Community College with the Current Sociopolitical Context" by Eric M. Clarkson, "The Transgender Marriage Dilemma" by Julian N. Larry, and "Making Pro-abortion Laws Pro-choice for Female Rape Victims" by Anna K. Martin. Comments include "Gender Bias in Clinical Drug Trials" by Dana Roth.

  • Volume XXXII, No. 2 – Fall 2017

    Articles include "“We Will Not Be Invisible” Women and Solitary Confinement in the U.S." by Heidi Cerneka, "Fostering a Safe Warfighting Environment: Applying Title Ix and Student Discipline in Higher Education to the Military’s Fight Against Sexual Assault" by Seth Michael Engel, and "Marriage Equality, Parentage (In)Equality" by Jeffrey A. Parness. Comments include "An App a Day Keeps the Doctor Away: Liability Analysis of the Breast Cancer Ally App" by Alexandra Regan Abernethy, "Potty Politics: G.G. Ex Rel. Grimm V. Gloucester County School Board, Title IX, and the Challenges Faced by Transgender Students under the Trump Administration and Beyond" by Nathan Heffernan, and "Health Is Health: Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act and Transgender Healthcare Rights in Wisconsin and the United States" by Dana Holle.

  • Volume XXXII, No. 1 – Spring 2017

    Articles include "Gender Diversity on Corporate Boards: Spotlighting Wisconsin" by Phyllis King and "Seeing the Wrecking Ball in Motion: Ex Parte Protection Orders and the Realities of Domestic Violence" by Debra Pogrund Stark & Jessica Choplin. Comments include "The Limits of the Law: Tipping, Employment Discrimination, and Legal Theories for Plaintiffs under Title VII" by Jakob Feltham and "The Fiduciary Duty to Gender Diversity Within Corporate Boards: The Necessary Link among Shareholder Primacy, the Director Nomination Process, and Higher Financial Return" by Mary Parmeter.

  • Volume XXXI, No. 2 – Fall 2016

    Articles include "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall – Gender, Olympic Competition and Persistence of the Feminine Ideal" by Linda Sheryl Greene, "FACEing Hate: Using Hate Crime Legislation to Deter Antiabortion Violence and Extremism" by Kelly Jo Popkin, and "The Right Side of History: Prohibiting Sexual Orientation Discrimination in Public Accommodations, Housing, and Employment" by Isaac Saidel-Goley. Comments include "Breast Density Legislation: The Valuable Role of Narratives in a Sexualized Disease" by Christina L. Brigg, "Title IX, and How to Rectify Sexism Entrenched in NCAA Leadership" by David Lanser, and "Gender Identity Debuts in Wisconsin Statutes: What It Means for Protecting Transgender Wisconsinites" by Tyler Stevenson.

  • Volume XXX, No. 2 – Fall 2015

    Comments include "Gender and Sex Designations for Identification Purposes: A Discussion on Inclusive Documentation for a Less Assimilationist Society" by Lauren Bishop, "Pom Poms, Pigskin & Jiggle Tests: Is It Time for the National Football League Cheerleaders to Unionize?" by Claudia Harke, and "Disproportionate Use of Deadly Force on Unarmed Minority Males: How Gender and Racial Perceptions Can Be Remedied" by Sarah Zwach.

  • Volume XXX, No. 1 – Spring 2015

    Articles include "When Women Can't Escape: A Gender-Sensitive Approach to Arbitrary Detention" by Sara Malkani, "Confronting the Gendered State: A Feminist Approach to Gender Inequality and Gender Violence in the United States and the Irish Republic" by Kris McDaniel-Miccio, and "What About Susan? Three's Company, Not a Crowd: The Importance of Allowing Third Parent Adoptions When Both Legal Parents Consent" by Emily B. Gelmann. Comments include "Using Collective Bargaining to Combat LGBT Discrimination in the Private-Sector Workplace" by Yeongsik Kim and "Immigration Policy for Workplace Violence and Undocumented Women: State-Based Solutions for Wisconsin" by Gabriela Parra.

  • Volume XXIX, No. 3 – Fall 2014

    Special Symposium Issue “The Threat From Within: Current and Alternative Response To Sexual Assault in the Military.” Articles include "Breaking the Chain of Command Culture: A Call for an Independent and Impartial Investigative Body to Curb Sexual Assaults in the Military" by Michal Buchhandler-Raphael, "Practical Problems with Modifying the Military Justice System to Better Handle Sexual Assault Cases" by Jonathan P. Tomes & Michael I. Spak, "The Transformation of Article 32: Why and What?" by Jonathan Lurie, "Individuals with Differences in Sex Development: Consult to Colombia Constitutional Court Regarding Sex and Gender" by Hazel Glenn Beh & Milton Diamond, and "Who are the Mothers Who Need Safe Haven Laws? An Empirical Investigation of Mothers Who Kill, Abandon, or Safely Surrender Their Newborns" by Diane S. Kaplan. Comment includes "The State of Microfinance Reform in Modern Jamaica: Cultural Barriers, Clientelism, Disparate Lending Practices, and the Forgotten Female Entrepreneur" by Courtney A. Hollander.

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