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Recent WJLGS Issues

  • Volume XXXVIII, No. 1 – Spring 2023

    Articles A Call for Change: Reforming Arizona’s Judicial Practices to Include to Include Protected Parties on Ex Parte Orders of Protection as a Default by Kat Baiardi Recent Legal Challenges Involving a Child’s Gender Identity …

  • Volume XXXVII, No. 2 – Fall 2022

    Articles: "Making Invisible Victims Whole: A Reply to Diamantis" by Chad Flanders; "Trans Optics and Panopticons: Trans Visibility, Anti-Transness, and Surveillance" by Jennifer Gisi; "A Feminist Eye on the New Law for Care Work Compensation in China" by Tiantian Zhu and Zhizhuang Duan; Notes: "No Turning Back: A Progressive Application of Stand Your Ground Laws to Remove the Duty to Retreat for Women Who Kill Abusers Out of Self-Defense" by Luma Khabbaz; "Committing Crimes Kept Her Alive: United States v. Dingwall and The Criminalization of Domestic Violence Victims" by Madeline Weston.

  • Volume XXXVII, No. 1 – Spring 2022

    Articles: "The Idealized Victim-Terminology in Human Trafficking for Sex Workers--Providing Access to Protections or Rendering Rights Conditional?" by Inga K. Thiemann; "A Global Study of Prostitution Policy" by Alexia Tomlinson, Mary Haggerty, and Caroline Rini; Comments: "A Rose by Any Other Name: The Case for Abolishing Wisconsin's Sex Offender Name-Change Ban" by Anna Hartz; "The Equalizing Effect of Unionization on the Gender Wage Gap" by Kirsten Wilshire Salmons; Notes: "Principled Institutionalism or Impractical Rigidity? Examining Strict Stare Decisis and the Male-Only Draft" by Jimmy Morrissey.

  • Volume XXXVI, No. 2 – Fall 2021

    Articles: "How Abortion Laws Do and Don't Work" by Michelle Oberman; Comments: "The Alignment of U.S. Child Marriage Laws to Data and Consent: Time for a Bright-Line Rule at the Age of Majority" by Andrea Jeglum; "Women in Policing: Inadequate Remedies to Combat Hiring and Workplace Discrimination in Police Departments" by Sarah Jones; "Bougie Firms and Black-Box Salaries: Avoiding Another Sixty Years of Gender-Based Pay Discrimination" by Cedric Kostelyna; "Recalculating ESSA to Account for "Every Student:" The Need to Eliminate "Subtractive Schooling" Among Latino Boys and Fund Culturally Responsive Teaching" by Veronica Mantilla

  • Volume XXXVI, No. 1 – Spring 2021

    Articles: "A National Truth Commission for Native Americans" by Sara L. Ochs; "When Justice Does Not Work: A Solution Focused Approach to Violence Against Native Women in Indian Country" by Melissa Tehee, Racheal Killgore, Sallie Mack, Devon S. Isaacs, and Erica Ficklin. Comments: "Devolving Standards of Decency: How Eighth Amendment Jurisprudence Fails Transgender Inmates Seeking Necessary Medical Care" by George A. Acosta; "Daniel v. Armslist: A "Bad Samaritan" Case Study" by Elizabeth Leonard; "School's Out for Black Boys in Wisconsin: An Analysis of Wisconsin's Racist Implementation of Expulsion and Suspension Law and Its Intersection with Wisconsin Students' Opportunities for Success" by Madeline Dawn Nelson; "Commerce, Not Speech: Dismantling the Eighth Circuit's Free Speech Analysis in Telescope Media Group v. Lucero" by Alexander Schmidt.

  • Volume XXXV, No. 2 – Fall 2020

    Articles: "LGBTQ+ Employment Protections: The U.S. Supreme Court's Decision in Bostock v. Clayton County, Georgia and the Implications for Public Schools" by John Dayton & Micah Barry. Notes: "Stripped from Sunscreen, but Fine for Foundation: How the Regulatory Dichotomy of Topically Applied Skin Products Endangers Women" by Emily Jones. Comments: "The Cocaine Mom Law: How Wisconsin's Civil Commitment of Pregnant Women Violates the Fourteenth Amendment" by Kathryn Hayes; "When Loopholes Allow Rape: An Analysis of States Whose Statutes and Case Law Allowed Post-Penetration Rape and How Wisconsin Compares" by Manuel Sanches-Moyano.

  • Volume XXXV, No. 1 – Spring 2020

    Articles: "The Politics of Legal Challenges to Pornography: A Comparative Analysis" by Max Waltman and "How the United States Uses Foreign Policy to Control and Adversely Impact Foreign Women" by Liam Pisan. Comments: "“Free the Nipple” One Broadcast at a Time: FCC Indecency Regulations of Nudity" by Michaela Mullis & Jasmin McNealy and "Sexual Harassment and Wisconsin's Professional Rules of Responsibility" by Kathryn Potratz.

  • Volume XXXIV, No. 2 – Fall 2019

    Special Symposium Issue: "Talking About Black Lives Matter and #MeToo" by Linda S. Greene, Lolita Buckner, Inniss, and Bridget J. Crawford with Mehrsa Baradaran, Noa Ben-Asher, I. Bennett Capers, Osamudia R. James, and Keisha Lindsay. Articles also include "Restructuring U.S. Military Justice through a Comparative Analysis of Israel Defense Forces" by Emily Hazen and "Sexual Harassment in the Shadow of Mandatory Arbitration" by Alyssa Schaefer. Comments includes "Babies Behind Bars: How Prison Nurseries Protect the Constitutional Right to be a Parent in Wisconsin" by Sophia Dolan.

  • Volume XXXIV, No. 1 – Spring 2019

    Articles include "White Boy Wasted: Race, Sex, and Alcohol Use in Fraternity Hazing" by Gregory S. Parks and Sabrina Parisi, "What About Bob? The Continuing Problem of Federally-Subsidized LGB Discrimination in Higher Education" by Dyllan Moreno Taxman, "Protecting Planned Parenthood: Is Planned Parenthood Funding a Justiciable Right Under the Medicaid Freedom-of-Choice Provision?" by Allison Gilley and "Rape, Resign, Repeat: How the Deliberate Indifference Standard Denies Redress to Detainees Raped by Corrections Officials" by Melissa Stein.

  • Volume XXXIII, No. 1 – Spring 2018

    Articles include "Judicial Ecology Reconciling a Normative Critique of Hively V. Ivy Tech Community College with the Current Sociopolitical Context" by Eric M. Clarkson, "The Transgender Marriage Dilemma" by Julian N. Larry, and "Making Pro-abortion Laws Pro-choice for Female Rape Victims" by Anna K. Martin. Comments include "Gender Bias in Clinical Drug Trials" by Dana Roth.

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