Volume XXIX, No. 1 – Spring 2014

Articles include “Spousal Support in the 21st Century” by Judith G. McMullen, “Only in New York: The Geography of Family Law” by Barbara Stark, “Back to the Future of Regulating Abortion in the First Term” by Tracy A. Thomas, and “Marriage, “Magic Bullets,” and Medical Decision-Making: Contemporary Reflections on Themes in the Scholarship of Professor Marygold S. Melli” by Lynn D. Wardle. Essay includes “Learning by Doing: Adding a Clinical Component to a Traditional Family Law Course” by Cynthia Grant Bowman. Comment includes “The Façade of a Best Interest Standard: Moving Past the Presumption to Ensure Decisions are Made for the Right Reasons” by Jason J. Reed.

Volume XXVIII, No. 2 – Summer 2013

Special Issue in Memoriam Jane Larson. Preface by Gerald Torres: “Law and the Creation of Meaning: A Brief Reflection on the Work of Jane Larson”. Introduction by Elizabeth Mertz: “Jane Larson’s Sociological Jurisprudence”. Articles include “”Facts are Stubborn Things:” Irregular Housing in the Texas Colonias” by Guadalupe T. Luna and “Burma Just Around the Corner: When U.S. Corporations Employ Refugees” by Christyne J. Vachon. Essays include “”Your Work Will Be Your Most Faithful Mistress:” Thoughts on Work-Life Balance Occasioned by the Loss of Professor Jane Larson” by Michelle Oberman, “Feminism and the Uses of History: An Essay on the Legacy of Jane E. Larson” by Cynthia Grant Bowman and “The Legacy of Jane Larson: The Politics of Practicality and Surprise” by Martha M. Ertman.