Seal of lady justice with a scroll with "Wisconsin Journal of Law, Gender and Society" around it


Mission Statement

The Wisconsin Journal of Law, Gender & Society, originally the Wisconsin Women’s Law Journal founded in 1985, grew out of two traditions: the University of Wisconsin Law School’s “law in action” approach and the interdisciplinary design of gender studies. Through “law in action” we look beyond the statutes and cases to study the practical effects of the law on both individuals and communities. The interdisciplinary approach offers different perspectives through which to expand and challenge our understanding of the law.

The Journal, one of the earliest in the nation devoted to the study of women and the law, has strived to contribute insightful scholarship to this evolving field of study. Recognizing that women are a diverse group with differing beliefs and interests, and moreover that gender stereotyping of any kind inhibits each individual’s full equality under the law, we encourage articles that examine the intersection of law and gender with issues of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and sexual orientation.

We look forward to your contributions for it is through our discussions and debates that we fulfill the motto of the state of Wisconsin by moving “Forward.”

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