Volume XXIX, No. 3 – Fall 2014

Special Symposium Issue “The Threat From Within: Current and Alternative Response To Sexual Assault in the Military.” Articles include “Breaking the Chain of Command Culture: A Call for an Independent and Impartial Investigative Body to Curb Sexual Assaults in the Military” by Michal Buchhandler-Raphael, “Practical Problems with Modifying the Military Justice System to Better Handle Sexual Assault Cases” by Jonathan P. Tomes & Michael I. Spak, “The Transformation of Article 32: Why and What?” by Jonathan Lurie, “Individuals with Differences in Sex Development: Consult to Colombia Constitutional Court Regarding Sex and Gender” by Hazel Glenn Beh & Milton Diamond, and “Who are the Mothers Who Need Safe Haven Laws? An Empirical Investigation of Mothers Who Kill, Abandon, or Safely Surrender Their Newborns” by Diane S. Kaplan. Comment includes “The State of Microfinance Reform in Modern Jamaica: Cultural Barriers, Clientelism, Disparate Lending Practices, and the Forgotten Female Entrepreneur” by Courtney A. Hollander.

Volume XXIX, No. 2 – Summer 2014

Articles include “Military Sexual Assault: A Comparative Legal Analysis of the 2012 Department of Defense Report on Sexual Assault in the Military: What it Tells us, What it Doesn’t Tell us and How Inconsistent Statistic Gathering Inhibits Winning the “Invisible War”” by Tricia D’Ambrosio-Woodward, Esq. Comments include ““This Bitch Got Drunk and Did This to Herself:” Proposed Evidentiary Reforms to Limit “Victim Blaming” and “Perpetrator Pardoning” in Rape by Intoxication Trials in California” by Clare Carlson and “Urban Struggles: An Analysis of Title IX and Urban High School Athletic Opportunities for Girls” by Jennifer Pusch.

Volume XXIX, No. 1 – Spring 2014

Articles include “Spousal Support in the 21st Century” by Judith G. McMullen, “Only in New York: The Geography of Family Law” by Barbara Stark, “Back to the Future of Regulating Abortion in the First Term” by Tracy A. Thomas, and “Marriage, “Magic Bullets,” and Medical Decision-Making: Contemporary Reflections on Themes in the Scholarship of Professor Marygold S. Melli” by Lynn D. Wardle. Essay includes “Learning by Doing: Adding a Clinical Component to a Traditional Family Law Course” by Cynthia Grant Bowman. Comment includes “The Façade of a Best Interest Standard: Moving Past the Presumption to Ensure Decisions are Made for the Right Reasons” by Jason J. Reed.