Volume XXVIII, No. 3 – Fall 2013

Special Symposium Issue “Transcending Gender Lines: Title IX and Transgender Rights.” Articles include “”On the Basis of Sex”: Using Title IX to Protect Transgender Students from Discrimination in Education” by Erin Buzuvis, “Gender Identity Discrimination is Sex Discrimination: Protecting Transgender Students from Bullying and Harassment Using Title IX” by Devi M. Rao, “Title IX’s Protections for Transgender Student Athletes” by Scott Skinner-Thompson & Ilona M. Turner, “Securing Equal Access to Sex-segregated Facilities for Transgender Students” by Harper Jean Tobin & Jennifer Levi, and “Protecting Transgender Students: Application of Title IX to Gender Identity or Expression and the Constitutoinal Right to Gender Autonomy” by Dr. Jillian T. Weiss. Comment includes “Approaching LGBTQ Students’ Ability to Access LGBTQ Websites In Public Schools From a First Amendment and Public Policy Perspective” by Jacob Colling.

Volume XXVIII, No. 2 – Summer 2013

Special Issue in Memoriam Jane Larson. Preface by Gerald Torres: “Law and the Creation of Meaning: A Brief Reflection on the Work of Jane Larson”. Introduction by Elizabeth Mertz: “Jane Larson’s Sociological Jurisprudence”. Articles include “”Facts are Stubborn Things:” Irregular Housing in the Texas Colonias” by Guadalupe T. Luna and “Burma Just Around the Corner: When U.S. Corporations Employ Refugees” by Christyne J. Vachon. Essays include “”Your Work Will Be Your Most Faithful Mistress:” Thoughts on Work-Life Balance Occasioned by the Loss of Professor Jane Larson” by Michelle Oberman, “Feminism and the Uses of History: An Essay on the Legacy of Jane E. Larson” by Cynthia Grant Bowman and “The Legacy of Jane Larson: The Politics of Practicality and Surprise” by Martha M. Ertman.

Volume XXVIII, No. 1 – Spring 2013

Article Notification and Risk Management for Victims of Domestic Violence by Jaime Kay Dahlstedt Comments The Ninth Amendment: Textual Support for Marriage Freedom by Scott Rosenow The Human Cost of Self-Deportation: How Attrition through Enforcement …