Volume XXXVI, No. 2 – Fall 2021

Articles: “How Abortion Laws Do and Don’t Work” by Michelle Oberman; Comments: “The Alignment of U.S. Child Marriage Laws to Data and Consent: Time for a Bright-Line Rule at the Age of Majority” by Andrea Jeglum; “Women in Policing: Inadequate Remedies to Combat Hiring and Workplace Discrimination in Police Departments” by Sarah Jones; “Bougie Firms and Black-Box Salaries: Avoiding Another Sixty Years of Gender-Based Pay Discrimination” by Cedric Kostelyna; “Recalculating ESSA to Account for “Every Student:” The Need to Eliminate “Subtractive Schooling” Among Latino Boys and Fund Culturally Responsive Teaching” by Veronica Mantilla

Volume XXXVI, No. 1 – Spring 2021

Articles: “A National Truth Commission for Native Americans” by Sara L. Ochs; “When Justice Does Not Work: A Solution Focused Approach to Violence Against Native Women in Indian Country” by Melissa Tehee, Racheal Killgore, Sallie Mack, Devon S. Isaacs, and Erica Ficklin. Comments:
“Devolving Standards of Decency: How Eighth Amendment Jurisprudence Fails Transgender Inmates Seeking Necessary Medical Care” by George A. Acosta;
“Daniel v. Armslist: A “Bad Samaritan” Case Study” by Elizabeth Leonard; “School’s Out for Black Boys in Wisconsin: An Analysis of Wisconsin’s Racist Implementation of Expulsion and Suspension Law and Its Intersection with Wisconsin Students’ Opportunities for Success” by Madeline Dawn Nelson; “Commerce, Not Speech: Dismantling the Eighth Circuit’s Free Speech Analysis in Telescope Media Group v. Lucero” by Alexander Schmidt.