Volume XXXII, No. 2 – Fall 2017

Articles include ““We Will Not Be Invisible” Women and Solitary Confinement in the U.S.” by Heidi Cerneka, “Fostering a Safe Warfighting Environment: Applying Title Ix and Student Discipline in Higher Education to the Military’s Fight Against Sexual Assault” by Seth Michael Engel, and “Marriage Equality, Parentage (In)Equality” by Jeffrey A. Parness. Comments include “An App a Day Keeps the Doctor Away: Liability Analysis of the Breast Cancer Ally App” by Alexandra Regan Abernethy, “Potty Politics: G.G. Ex Rel. Grimm V. Gloucester County School Board, Title IX, and the Challenges Faced by Transgender Students under the Trump Administration and Beyond” by Nathan Heffernan, and “Health Is Health: Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act and Transgender Healthcare Rights in Wisconsin and the United States” by Dana Holle.

Volume XXXII, No. 1 – Spring 2017

Articles include “Gender Diversity on Corporate Boards: Spotlighting Wisconsin” by Phyllis King and “Seeing the Wrecking Ball in Motion: Ex Parte Protection Orders and the Realities of Domestic Violence” by Debra Pogrund Stark & Jessica Choplin. Comments include “The Limits of the Law: Tipping, Employment Discrimination, and Legal Theories for Plaintiffs under Title VII” by Jakob Feltham and “The Fiduciary Duty to Gender Diversity Within Corporate Boards: The Necessary Link among Shareholder Primacy, the Director Nomination Process, and Higher Financial Return” by Mary Parmeter.